Your Doctor on Call

Pull out your iphone, tap a button and have a secure video appointment with your doctor. No lines, No waiting rooms and No dragging all your children to the doctor’s office to get everyone sick.

Your Doctor

We are onboarding medical practices across the country, so you can access your own doctor. After all, it is your doctor and the medical practice that has all your background medical information and health history. Unlike talking to any random doctor, this is going to help you get through your appointment faster with the best experience possible. In case if you are having issues with getting an appointment, or using yourMD, we are always a phone call away. Our goal is to take all the hassles away from working with your doctor.

Your Information

Your privacy and information security are important to us. yourMD does not save or store any of your appointment information beyond the time period of the appointment. So, think of us as snapchat for healthcare; we make sure that things disappear for good after each appointment. Beyond that we use industry standard security and encryption to protect your information.

Your Turn

It is time to have easy access to your doctor. Fill out the enroll form to get started. We will work with you to ensure that you have secure access to your doctor on your schedule.